Hair Transplantation

Peoples’ hair style, color and length reflects his/her stance in life, taste, style and inclinations. While having abundant hair reflects the person’s youngness, lack of hair makes him/her be perceived as old. The person experiencing hair shedding feels socially and  culturally imperfect and loses his/her self-esteem. This negative perception negatively affects people in all areas. Thus, our hair is very important to us.

Despite all its negative effects on people, 50% of the men over 50 face hair shedding problem. To end this problem, people try treatment options lasting for years. Unfortunately, it is not possible to make hair shed regrow with medical treatments, and in our modern world, the most effective known treatment for hair shedding is hair transplantation.

Immune System Support Protocol

Human body needs a strong immune system to continue in good health. Everyday, our body fights with bacterias, foreign materials, viruses and toxins. We cannot feel but our immune system works permanently. Immune system’s number of cells began to decrease and lose their function because of bad effects such as smoking, stress, sleeplessness, malnutrition and alcohol. By the way, an un-functional immune system becomes open to all infectional diseases. To strengthen the immune system, your body needs high quantity vitamins and minerals that is immune system support protocol.


Tummy Tuck Surgery

Abdominoplasty operation (tummy-tuck) is fit for those who frequently lose and gain weight and who want to get rid of the droopy look seen after pregnancy. In abdominoplasty, excess abdomen skin is removed, regional fats are taken out and muscle deformation within the muscle is corrected. With the operation, a flat belly look is created. This operation creates effective and permanent results in the abdominal area. Abdominoplasty can be applied with two different operations depending on the intensity of excess fats in patient’s body and level of drooping, namely mini abdomen tightening or full abdomen tightening. A full abdomen tightening operation leaves a visible scar hidden underneath your underwear, while a mini abdomen tightening operation leaves a more minimal scar.

Breast Surgery

Cosmetic breast surgeries are one of the operations which almost all women wonder about the most. So what are aesthetic breast operations? Aesthetic breast operations are aesthetic interventions made for solving any kind of aesthetic problems such as smallness/bigness of the breasts, unequal, sagging or deformed breasts.

Aesthetic breast operations make women look more symmetrical in their clothes and feel more attractive. In addition to their aesthetic benefits, aesthetic breast operations make you get rid of your lumbar pain and hygiene problems.

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Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery 

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